Monday, March 22, 2010


Sean got a new companion about a week ago and he is getting along well with him. His name is Elder Mendez and he is from Mexico. He only has about 2 months left in the mission and Sean says he is learning a lot from him. They have had lots of baptisms this past week and are hoping to have more. Here are a few more pictures...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

Most of you have heard by now that there was an 8.8 Earthquake in Santiago Chile. Right where Sean is serving his mission. Cory and I were awake when we saw the breaking news flash across the screen around 1130pm. We immediately panicked. I text my older brother and then we called my mom and then my dad. We had no news until the next day. I had called the Church office building and they said all the missionaries in the Santiago North mission were accounted for. That gave me some reassurance, but I just wanted to hear that Sean was okay! Later that day a cute young lady from Sean's Chile ward called my mom. Sean new we would all be freaking out so he had her call us to tell us he was fine. It was so nice to know that the Lord had protected so many in Chile..especially our missionaries. I got an email from Sean explaining that night so I will post it for you to read..

What a crazy experience we just had.... So i will start from the night it happened.. Me and elder Gunnell went to bed normal at 1130 at night and we were way tired.. I then woke up at 340 am because i realized that it was shaking a little bit but it wasn't anything we weren't used to because there are always little ones here.. So i woke my comp up because i was still a little scared and it started getting stronger and stronger.. we jumped out of bed immediately and tried to go down stairs or grab something.. We didn't have time.... as we jumped out of bed it was already full out shaking and we were doing all we could to grab something.. i couldn't get to the table so i was basically just dancing with the wall... it was so so loud and i will never forget the sound of the earthquake. we live on a second floor house and i was just preparing because i thought for sure we were gonna collapse or tip over into the street.. Luckily everything passed and we were still standing.. immediately we heard screaming and crying so we looked for our flashlights and luckily i always have mine close and we got it and went down to see if the couple below us was okay... they are and older couple all of their things had fallen all over but they were just fine.. we went out side and saw that some houses had collapsed and we were trying to help but everyone was just fine... at about 515 we went back in to try to sleep a little because we were so tired but we were too scared because it continued shaking and they were pretty strong.. We are so grateful that the lord has blessed us and we are just fine.. we are without power but have water and are cooking with are little gas stove.. we have practically six missionaries with us because one companionship doesn't have water and the other their block is not safe..... bridges have collapsed... a family of our converts their whole house fell down and basically every house on their street.. and the night before there cars were stolen... what a horrible couple of days for them.... we have been with them for most of the time they are great examples and have been happily helping in the midst of all that they lost!! we are blessed here in Santiago even though some things are pretty bad its not as bad as i thought!!! i love you all and couldn't stop thinking of all of you.. i knew right when it happened that Jessica and Cory already new because it was earlier there and i was doing all i could to get the message to you all!! I love you all!!!

Elder Swenson

Please continue to keep them all in your prayers!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Zone Leader

Sean got changed to a new area, same zone just a different sector. He is now a ZONE LEADER with one of his good buddies from the mish. He seems thrilled about it! Here are some new pictures of his new companion. He is from Colorado but was studying at BYU.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday, October 26, 2009

District Leader.....Look out!

Sean is now the district leader, he is super stoked about it. Things are going good there, his Spanish is coming along great! He sent me some pictures and really he has problems. He has changed spiritually but at the same time he is the same old Seany!! We sure miss him. Enjoy these pictures...

I mean seriously???

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A new area for Sean


So i got changed this morning and my comp did too. We were surprised to both leave Rosende!! We had a baptism yesterday so it was nice to end on that!! So I'm in the zone Huelen with a Peruvian companion that only has 6 weeks in the mission... wait what... ha ha so I'm really going to have to step it up!! E Lloyd my other comp went to work in the office with all the money and houses and stuff!!! My comp seems pretty cool and has lots of excitement.. Our sector seems cool I have only been here for like 1 hour. Our apartment is way way better than my other, so I feel much more comfortable. They are condominiums so they are way nice!! Things are going well. It was difficult to leave and I had so much stuff!!! I had to take a taxi for like 15 bucks!! It made it much easier!! Sounds like this ward here is way stronger than my other and about 120 people come every Sunday, which is very good here. Once again I am forced to speak Spanish so that will be good so I should learn lots in these next few months. There are 4 sisters in our zone so that will be a little different!! But all is well I love you all!!

Elder Swenson

Sean and his new companion

This is Sean's new condo in his new area

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sean's latest email update

Sorry its been a few weeks but we have been busy and been doing activities with the zone. Things are going well here and I'm still learning a lot.. The weather has actually been really nice lately.. beautiful in the day and pretty cold at night.. it will never go below 32 degrees though..the only time its really bad is at 730 in the morning when i have to run my skinny white but outside to use the shower or bathroom.. because its outside the freaking house.. so that's pretty funnnnnn! My comp is cool and we get along really well.. he is from Kaysville and is about to complete 1 year in the mission so he has about 6 months more than me.. we have lots of fun together messing with all the drunk people and the kids... we received a reference from the office the other day of a lady that lives in our sector that is interested so we met up with her and she is so prepared.. she came to church yesterday and is so excited to get baptized.. she is like 34 and has a bf that's Mormon that has prepared her well.. so we are going to baptize her.. that's the last day of the change and i think I'm going to leave so at least ill go out with a dunk... other than that all the people we have are continuing to play games and be lazy.. everyone wants the blessings the we promise them and that gods has waiting for them but no one wants to do anything about it.. The natural man is a powerful thing and and even for me and us missionaries its something that we have to try everyday to get rid of.. The natural man doesn't want to pray, or have faith, he doesn't want to treat his wife with respect, he wants to do everything that satisfies himself right now in this world!!! Mosiah 3:9 its pretty frustrating when our investigators don't understand this.. anyways i promise I'm not a gomer.. I'm the same old Sean i just speak a different language which is really a gift from god... its so fun but so difficult at the same time.. I'm still learning a lot about Spanish but also lack lots... but I'm really not worrying at this put about my language.... i worry about my gospel skills.. ha ha so all is well here-- we sleep way good and are eating OK.... the grandma that we live behind always cuts our power and gets mad at us for the smallest thing we do wrong!!! ha ha its pretty funny!! does she really expect us not to use the small heater we have.. I mean were American were not about to suffer in the cold.. love you all!!